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Global Conference Banner 2021

Theme of 2021: Nothing About Us, Without Us.

What is it about?

The Islamic tradition is clear on the rights of persons with disabilities in society. However, this tradition remains misunderstood and under-studied, resulting in misconceptions about disability within Muslim communities. The goal of this conference is to advance our understandings of Islam and disability, the needs of Muslims with disabilities within an Islamic context, and the responsibilities of Muslim communities to support individuals with disabilities.

The 2021 GCDI theme is “Nothing About Us Without Us” and focuses on the importance of having persons with disabilities at the forefront of policy and decision making. DEEN is dedicating this conference to putting the voices of people with disabilities and their families first. The voices of people with disabilities were lost during the pandemic and we want to ensure that Muslims with Disabilities have a safe space where they can discuss the intersectionality of Disability and Islam. 

Who should attend?

This virtual, multi-disciplinary conference brings together the work of service providers, academics, Islamic scholars, individuals with lived experience of disability, and disability advocates to explore opportunities and challenges for Muslims with disabilities in both Muslim majority and minority context. All those who are interested in hearing diverse perspectives on issues related to disability & Islam are welcome to attend.

Who Should Present?

We invite academics, advocates, professionals, Islamic scholars, and people with lived experiences of disability to submit proposals for topics related to this year’s theme as well as a description of their presentation. As a presenter you have an opportunity to inspire delegates from around the world to take action and to improve the lives of Muslims with Disabilities.


– Matrimonial services, Disability, and Islam
– Disability and Islamic Spiritual Practice
– Inclusion of Muslims with Disabilities in Muslim Spaces
– Developmental Disability and Music Rehabilitation
– Quran Memorization and People with Disabilities
– Arts/Culture for Muslim with Disabilities
– Parenting and Disability
– Zakat and People with Disabilities
– Domestic Violence and Muslims with Disabilities
– Leadership and Muslim with Disabilities
– Employment, Social Enterprises and Entrepreneurship
– Fiqh Issues related to Disability
– Sports and Recreation and Muslim with Disabilities
– Islamic Scholarship and Muslims with Disabilities
– Islamic Law and Disability (inheritance, custody, etc.)
– Mental Health and Healing