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Global conference on Disability and Islam 2022 inclusive leadership

Theme of 2022: Inclusive Leadership
Date: Saturday August 20th, 2022

Download 2022 Conference Booklet Here

Download 2022 Conference Accessible Booklet Here

What is it about?

This year’s theme “Inclusive Leadership” is focused on the importance of having persons with disabilities at the forefront of policy and decision making. Building from last year’s theme, “Nothing about us, without us”, it is important that people with disabilities believe in their potential as leaders, and as a society we need to ensure that leadership opportunities exist for them too.

Our Prophet Muhammad (saw) practiced inclusive leadership; and we see the value and significance it brings to the lives of Muslims with disabilities. We acknowledge that there are many barriers to leadership, but there are also many opportunities. In this year’s conference we will examine the role of inclusive leadership within our Islamic history and Prophetic traditions and how we can revive this sunnah to ensure that those with disabilities have a voice and will create change in our society.

The goal is to bring together leaders in the Muslim community, people with disabilities, advocates, researchers, and families to raise awareness, identify the gaps and offer solutions that promote inclusive leadership. We hope this year’s conference will encourage people to go a step further and implement and build on what they learn from each other.

Who Should Present?

We invite academics, advocates, professionals, Islamic scholars, and people with lived experiences of disability to submit proposals for topics related to this year’s theme as well as a description of their presentation.

As a presenter you have an opportunity to inspire delegates from around the world to take action and to improve the lives of Muslims with Disabilities.

We will explore leadership in all aspects of life. We welcome proposals for conference presentations on the following topics:

  • Inclusive Leadership in Islamic History and Prophetic Traditions
  • Supported Leadership (Accommodation and Accessibility)
  • Leadership in Accessibility and Innovation
  • Disability and Islamic Spiritual Practice
  • Inclusion of Muslims with Disabilities in Muslim Spaces
  • Leadership in providing services for those with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Leadership for Deaf Muslims
  • Access to Quran Studies and Memorization for People with Disabilities
  • Arts/Culture for Muslim with Disabilities
  • Entrepreneurship, Financial Independence, Employment, and Social Enterprises opportunities
  • Marriage and Disability
  • Parenting and Disability
  • Zakat and People with Disabilities
  • Leadership in Safeguarding those with Disabilities
  • Mentors and Leadership Programs for Muslim with Disabilities
  • Fiqh Issues related to Disability
  • Leadership in Sports and Recreation for Muslim with Disabilities
  • Islamic Education and Scholarship for Muslims with Disabilities
  • Leadership in Islamic Psychology, Mental Health, and Healing Practices
  • Islamic Law and Disability (inheritance, custody, etc.)
  • Leadership in Dawah

Presentations may be in the following formats:

Format # 1: Speaker Presentation of 15 minutes in length including 5 minutes for Q & A.
Format # 2: Expert-led Discussion Panel of 45 minutes in length. An in-depth discussion among 3 member experts, introduced briefly and led by 1 moderator expert in the subject discussed.
Format # 3: Poster/Video/ Poetry of 5 to 10 minutes in length.

All proposals should include the following information:         

  1. Title of your proposal
  2. Brief summary (not more than 200 words)
  3. Name(s) and other details of the proposed speaker(s), moderator, or author(s)
  4. Presentation format of your contribution
  5. The topic that best fits your paper

Important Dates

July 15, 2022 at 11 PM EST – Abstract Submission Deadline
July 30, 2022 – Notification of Acceptance/Rejection
August 20, 2022 – Conference Date

Important- Please Read

  1. All presentation proposals are subject to acceptance by the GCDI 2022 Committee.
  2. The selection of presentations will be made by July 30, 2022.
  3. Presenters will receive their notification via email after this selection.
  4. We reserve the right to propose to the presenters to use a different format.
  5. All presenters will be required to register for the event.
  6. All presentations will be in the English language.
  7. Presentations will normally be scheduled in the time zone that best matches the presenters’ countries. However, we may ask some presentations to shift to other time zones to create a balanced program.
  8. All presentations may be recorded via audiovisual media and photos. If you explicitly would like to avoid this, please let us know at
  9. By submitting the form below, you confirm that you have read and agreed to the terms stated on this page.

How to submit your proposal:

Enter below details of your proposed presentation for the GCDI 2021 conference, then press the ‘Submit my presentation proposal’ button located at the bottom of the page. You will receive a confirmation email upon successful completion of the form. If you have any accessibility concerns or need help completing this form, please email us at Submit your proposal here: